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Titel: Noble Blood Vampire Chronicles

A luxurious photography art book with pictures and stories about the elegant but dangerous "noble blood vampires" of Schloss Heinrichshorst.

Deutsche Version: HIER

184 glossy pages
16 vampire models + 10 victims
Book size: 24 x 36 cm
ISBN: 978-3-00-043480-8
€ 54,00 (D)


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Viona ielegems vampire book preface mark benecke vorwort.jpg

Magic is something not to be dealt with lightly, and vampyrism even more so. Worst of all, both matters can hardly be poured into photos.

There is one being, however, who does have the inner glitter, strength and insight to understand fairies, wood elves, vampires and vampyres in a way that allows her to take meaningful photos of them. This being is, of course, Viona Ielegems.

For years, her photgraphs and projects brought joy into the brighter shades of forests, transformed a simple lawn in the city of Leipzig into one of the most peaceful and beautiful events of the already peaceful and beautiful annual gothic meeting and did a fairy calendar that, when I put it on stage at a gothic festival, was the number one must-have item there. In her new book, Viona delves even deeper.

When I saw her for the first time several years ago, I knew that she came from (or decided to live) in a very different world compared to the ugly and meaningless surroundigs that many worn-down regions in central europe force us to stay in. She loves cupcakes, for example, but not in the tattoo-and-rockabilly fashion that is just a transient trend but in a sweet, personal and fairytale way. She loves Victorian costumes but not in the Eyes Wide Shut sense but in a deeply romantic manner. She owned a pair of blue peafowls as if that was something normal, and now she lives in a castle. Whew!

This castle, a former hunting space, is so beautiful I won’t even start to describe it. We just had a real life vampyre meeting there, and everybody was sure they had found the one place where full acceptance for all creatures of the night -- with a positive light glowing inside of them I mean --, as well as all children of goddess Diana found their home and -- like i said -- peace and quiet.

Here, in Castle Heinrichshorst, in the middle of the German total nowhere, she chose the finest possible selection of models (some of them vampires, few of them vampyres, some of them just radiantly beautiful in the gloomy yet glowing spirit of phantastic fashion) to shoot a book that is certainly not from this world. Then again, how could it -- it was Viona who did it.

Please enjoy not only the brilliant pictures, the very cool, lovely and well chosen models as well as the atmosphere and deep vibe of the castle that is very much part of the photographs. Please also enjoy the fine, elegant, fashionable and sophisticated photographer who makes magic a fine thing to exist, and who certainly knows where vampires linger, lure and lark.

Come in, and come out, wherever you are. IF YOU WISH:

Mark Benecke

Forensic Biologist

President, Transylvanian Society of Dracula etc. etc. ;)

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