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Mark Benecke

Mark Benecke (Foto: Thomas van de Scheck)

Mark Benecke works in the forensic field for over twenty-five years.

He set up forensic DNA labs in the Philippines and Vietnam, was employed at the Chief Medical Examiner's Office in Manhattan, can often be found training students from Colombia to Cologne and is Germany's only Certified & Sworn in Expert for Detection, Collection and Examination of Biological Stains (Öffentlich bestellter und vereidigter Sachverständiger).

He did his Ph.D. at the Inst. for Legal Medicine in Cologne, took part in police trainings all over the world (including the FBI and the Body Farm) and wrote forensic books, including books for kids, as well as numerous scientific articles.

The older he gets, the more he realizes that Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes already did much of what we think we discovered first.

Kristina Baumjohann

Kristina Baumjohann

Tina works in the team since 2003. Her topic by heart is forensic entomology as well as crime scene work. In the past years, she put lots of pigs out for her Ph.D. thesis about insects associated with corpses. Tina bites on to our cases until they are solved. She keeps a cool head in chaos and loves decomposition processes as much as combining facts, working with traces and solving riddles.

Ines Fischer

Ines Fischer

Ines is an avid php programmer. For example, she designed, takes photos, sorts through stains and helps a lot on tour.

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