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Transylvanian Society of Dracula


The Transylvanian Society of Dracula (TSD)

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Scientific Headquarters: Cologne, Germany, E-mail:

Our world president and founder of TSD, Nicolae Paduraru, died in May 2009. Vice president Daniela and Mark Benecke conducted an interview as an obituary here (click).

→ Contact for all types of vampire & vampyre inquiries: Mark Benecke, German Chapter President

................................. NEU .................................

NEU (SEPT./OKT. 2016): Vampire unter uns!, Band 1-3 (deutsch): Das Beste aus Vampire unter uns 1-3 plus neuer Artikel!

................................. NEU .................................

Vampires among us!, Part 3: Watch out, only 400 print copies in English text...

Conference at West University of Timişoara: Session: The Place of Dracula and our abstracts Vampyre Identity Groups (Sanguinarian), full article about the Timisoara congress from the Vampire Empire, article by Magdalena Grabias about the Benecke / Fischer vampyre study

→ Sehr gutes Print-Interview mit Mark Benecke (Skeptiker)

→ The invitation to the big phatt vampyre summer meeting 2011 is still available.

→ The invitation to the open vampyre summer meeting 2013 is also still available.

→ German standard books on vampires and vampyres: Vampire unter uns! Rh. pos. & Vampire unter uns! Rh. neg.

→ Vionas vampire photo project (2013)

Vampyres among us! (Part III)

Blutdurst - Wie entsteht Vampirismus? (Zwei auf Eins, radioeins)

→ Größerer Artikel zu Vampiren und Vampyren: Tanz der VampirforscherInnen

Meeting of the Elders of The Transylvanian Society of Dracula (TSD)

→ MB im Last Cathedral

→ Vampyre Coven: Clubcheck: Clubcheck 2.0 mit MB

How to avoid a confrontation with a vampire

"Bite Me" interrogates Mark Benecke

The vampires next door (Deutsche Welle)

Zombie Film Theorie: Untote

Eine Wurmkur gegen den Vampirismus (Miroque)

Nachricht aus Transsilvanien (Tages-Anzeiger Zürich)

«Vampire waren zu jeder Schweinerei fähig» (

Vampyres among us! (TSD Bulletin)

Tanz der Vampirforscher (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

Review on: Vampyres among us! (Letter from Castle Darcula)

Conference “Beliefs and Behaviours in Education and Culture” at West University of Timișoara, Romania, June, 25-27, 2015 (Vampire Empire Newsletter)

Wir sind alle Vampire (SonntagsZeitung)

Come out, come out --

Sept 23, 2016 — Mark Benecke

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