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Madenmedienarchiv: Digital Media Archive for Forensic Biology


Alle Fernsehbeiträge, Filme sowie eine Liste aller Beiträge sind zu Forschungs- und Recherche-Zwecken hier zu haben:

→ (Claudia Zibell)

Einfach eine Mail (s.o.) senden und nett bei Frau Zibell fragen. Zack!  ;)


Our mostly digital media archive includes all appearances of Benecke on air but also other forensic biology VHS, DVD's and audio files, e.g. on blood spatter, insects on corpses, etc..

For a complete list of all media that are available on blood spatter, forensic entomology, maggots and criminalistics, skeptic stuff & so on, please send an e-mail (English or German) to:

→ (Ms. Claudia Zibell)

You will receive the list of all archived items for free.

If you decide for a copy, and if you have a research reason, you only have to pay for postage & pure costs of copying material, the original price of new tapes, new DVD-ROMs, etc..

This is a non-profit research service privately driven by Claudia Zibell.

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