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=<font color=orange>The hunt for Hitler's teeth</font>=
=<font color=orange>The hunt for Hitler's teeth</font>=

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The hunt for Hitler's teeth

How one forensic biologist stumbled across the only remaining body parts of Adolf Hitler... in a floppy-disc case in Moscow

Source: Bizarre Magazin (2003) 78:51-53

Words: Mark Benecke

[MB's Publications]


I'm a nerd. Spectacles, chequered shirt, no radio, no TV. I am also a forensic entomologist by profession. So when the National Geographic Channel called and asked me - "the most famous forensic biologist on Earth", at least according to my editors - to join an investigation into the where-abouts of the remains of Adolf Hitler, I rather nerdily assumed it would be a purely theoretical enterprise, and said yes.

Get the complete article HERE (.pdf)

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